[Article 26]The Three Top Rated Baby Monitors Reviewed

Lorex LH01 Vantage Network DVRChildren are little bundles of joy, your little treasures who you always want to keep absolutely safe. Thus go the sleepless nights and stressful days watching over them. But the onset of modern technology has done its bit to ease the stress to some extent and it comes in the form of a baby monitor. A typical baby monitor consists of a monitoring camera for the baby’s room that will capture the movements of your baby and a display unit where the parents or guardians will be able to get the images live.

There’s a lot to be said about these devices, but in the following section we will review the three best baby monitor brands in the market.

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor:

This one can be safely attributed as one of the best.

  • It has got one Baby unit with a Camera of PTZ type. Thus the camera can be tilted or bent in different directions so that you get complete coverage.
  • The Parent unit comes with a Coloured LCD display with a 25 FPS video playback. The model uses 2.4 GHz FHSS technology which gives a far more stable connection and a better range. The model has got a special feature that alerts you when you are out of range.
  • The two way audio is one of the best features. You can hear and speak to your baby through this system.
  • The 5 LED lights in the parent unit gets you the visibility even in the darkness of night.

Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Video Baby Monitor:

Let us check out the features.

  • The camera has got PTZ capabilities.
  • The camera can zoom up to twice the normal view and can be remotely controlled.
  • It also has got two way audio to remotely interact with your child.
  • The connection is excellently stable within a range of 900 feet.
  • The infrared technology keeps things visible in the night.
  • The only complaint received so far is the noise the receiver makes when it is powered on.

Levana Jena Digital Video Baby Monitor:

Following are the features

  • The best feature is the battery life produced by the lithium ion battery used.
  • Continuous wireless connection with video streaming is available for 8 hours.
  • PTZ is there in the camera.
  • A 12 hours peep time is included. This means when the video is not streamed the system goes in a power save mode.
  • Their very own ClearVu technology helps a stable wireless connection up to a distance of 500 ft.

These are the few baby monitor that are among the best choices in the market. Invest in any of these and forget your baby blues forever.

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