[Article 13]The Perfect Induction Equipment For Your Modern Kitchen

Double induction cooktops are a treat to use inside kitchens as they cook very fast and are quite safe at the same time, but it’s hard to find solid information on the subject.

Fortunately, Rosa made an honest and personal induction reviews website and among all the models in the market, she reviewed the double True models which are very popular due to the innovative technology and energy efficiency they provide.

It Is Safe And Efficient:

The best thing about the True models is that only the burner area gets heated up and no other part of the oven. So you can use them without the fear of getting burnt hands. When it comes to the wattage, most other ovens spread the heat evenly between the burners but with the True cooktops you get to control the spread of wattage between burners. This enables you to cook two completely different types of dishes at the same time. This helps in saving energy as well.

It Is Easy To Clean:

The material of the oven is easy to clean with standard cleaning material and equipment. Since there are no creases and crevices like regular ovens, it is easy to clean and keep it bacteria free. As mentioned earlier, since most part of the cooktop does not get heated up, there are less chances of injuries while cleaning.

true-cooktopEasy To Use:

The cooktop has LED readouts and digital controls conveniently placed beneath the burner area. There is a range of 150 to 450 watt that this cooktop supports. This makes the oven useful for every different type of cooking.

One great thing about the True cooktops is the sensors. When you put the pan away from the burners, they shut down automatically. If the milk or water you are boiling starts to boil over, the overflow sensors can detect and shut down the burners automatically.

The True S2F2 model is favoured by many people as it is a portable model, easily used outdoors or inside an RV. So if you want to cut down on your cooking time and want to cook perfect tasty dishes safely, trust True and put it on your cooking apron.

However, if you still want to know more, you can check Rosa’s S2F2 review here.

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