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  • [Article 45]Basic But Never to Ignore Safety Tips for DIYers

    So you have decided to take things in your hands and work on repairs and new projects around the house. Whether you want to save money or make it a hobby, being a DIYer isn’t a joke because it involves great risk and even minor mistakes can result in critical loss to assimilate the intensity of what you are getting yourself into. Now let us have gander at the perspective most of us have because most of us believe that we are taking enough precautions and accidents only happen to people who are ignorant right? Well no, actually even the best of best suffer a lot sometimes as the consequence of a poor decision or timing. One should know his strengths and weaknesses and respect boundaries and limitations in order to be safe. If you believe that you lack that, then you should get in contact with a professional around you in order to learn from their experience and make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes they did. Below are some tips that can save you a lot of trouble as a DIYer.

    Your Attire Matters

    What you wear during working in project or repairs not only improves your performance but also keeps you safe as well. You just can’t play with naked wires with bare hands no matter how much of an expert you think yourself to be, wear gloves. Not only electricity but gloves can save you wood, metals and tools are hammers should be dealt with only when you have donned your gloves. One of the most crucial situation where you have to wear gloves but be extra vigilant is when you are using power tools like drills, table saw or any other machine that has a moving blade because they can get caught in the blade. The Sharp Cut will not only fill you in on safety features, they will also tell you all about different table saws and how to use them. Another musthave piece of safety equipment are goggles, especially when you are working where there is a lot of debris and small pieces flying towards your face for example when you are cutting wood on a table saw or when you are scrapping off plaster from your ceiling. Mask and covering your body completely is another requirement when you are working around a lot of airborne particles and dust and take a shower as soon as you are done working.

    Know Your Limits

    Table Saw
    The thing about DIY is you need to account for every possibility and you need to know what you can do and what you can’t. Some jobs are best left for the people who are qualified and experienced in the field. Plan and learn before you start doing something. Take advice from owners of hardware stores or read all about the use of heavy machinery and the tools that you are buying, their limit and all the possible dangers they offer: http://www.thesharpcut.com/safety-features/.

    When you are working with heights, make sure you have a steadfast platform and ladder and if you feel that you are uncomfortable with heights then it’s better to hire a professional. You can’t do everything yourself, at least not right at the start. You need to be patient if you want to be a DIYer and more than that, you need to be safe.

  • [Article 30]A Quality Pull-Down Faucet For Your Home

    Pull-down faucets are the choice of many due to their swivel head functions. Among all the models in the market, the Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland stands out as an excellent choice due to its design and functionalities.

    The faucet comes in a tea pot design and five colors such as stainless steel, chrome steel, arctic steel, venetian bronze and champagne. This is especially cool for people who love to match their faucets with the color scheme of the kitchen.

    Due to the high arc spout of the 9178-AR-DST, there will be large enough clearance for even larger utensils on the sink. If you have utensils or pots that do not fit in the sink, you can use the spray head on the kitchen counter. The spout swivels 360 degrees and the spray wand perfectly fits back in place thanks to a magnetic feature.

    Due to the Diamond Seal technology you will not need to deal with leakages. Installation is easy if you have had any exposure to plumbing work or you should take professional help. This amazing faucet comes with limited lifetime warranty as well so you should buy this spout for your

    home without wasting your energy searching for other options.

    More information: faucetassistant.com

  • [Article 26]The Three Top Rated Baby Monitors Reviewed

    Lorex LH01 Vantage Network DVRChildren are little bundles of joy, your little treasures who you always want to keep absolutely safe. Thus go the sleepless nights and stressful days watching over them. But the onset of modern technology has done its bit to ease the stress to some extent and it comes in the form of a baby monitor. A typical baby monitor consists of a monitoring camera for the baby’s room that will capture the movements of your baby and a display unit where the parents or guardians will be able to get the images live.

    There’s a lot to be said about these devices, but in the following section we will review the three best baby monitor brands in the market.

    Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor:

    This one can be safely attributed as one of the best.

    • It has got one Baby unit with a Camera of PTZ type. Thus the camera can be tilted or bent in different directions so that you get complete coverage.
    • The Parent unit comes with a Coloured LCD display with a 25 FPS video playback. The model uses 2.4 GHz FHSS technology which gives a far more stable connection and a better range. The model has got a special feature that alerts you when you are out of range.
    • The two way audio is one of the best features. You can hear and speak to your baby through this system.
    • The 5 LED lights in the parent unit gets you the visibility even in the darkness of night.

    Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Video Baby Monitor:

    Let us check out the features.

    • The camera has got PTZ capabilities.
    • The camera can zoom up to twice the normal view and can be remotely controlled.
    • It also has got two way audio to remotely interact with your child.
    • The connection is excellently stable within a range of 900 feet.
    • The infrared technology keeps things visible in the night.
    • The only complaint received so far is the noise the receiver makes when it is powered on.

    Levana Jena Digital Video Baby Monitor:

    Following are the features

    • The best feature is the battery life produced by the lithium ion battery used.
    • Continuous wireless connection with video streaming is available for 8 hours.
    • PTZ is there in the camera.
    • A 12 hours peep time is included. This means when the video is not streamed the system goes in a power save mode.
    • Their very own ClearVu technology helps a stable wireless connection up to a distance of 500 ft.

    These are the few baby monitor that are among the best choices in the market. Invest in any of these and forget your baby blues forever.

    More information at Home Security View.

  • [Article 23]A Mini-Review of the Nest Learning Thermostat

    The 2nd Generation T200577 thermostat by Nestis a very good thermostat in its own rights but what sets it apart from the competition is its “Learning” capability. No we are not talking about robotic thermostats that you can train. By learning we mean that this thermostat can understand your heating and cooling requirements and automatically change the temperature at the right time before you even need to intervene.

    This is how it works.

    Nest Learning Thermostat - 2nd Generation T200577Say you set the temperature of your home at 25 degrees every Monday to Friday morning, at 22 degrees on weekend mornings, 24 degrees in the evenings and 20 degrees in the night. After a few days or couple of weeks of setting manually, the thermostat learns your schedule and automatically switches to the desired temperature at the correct day and time.

    The device has an “auto-away” temperature setting. If no motion is detected for 2 hours, the thermostat thinks no one is at home and switches to auto-away temperature to save energy. It usually takes 2 hours but if you leave home every day at the same time, the device learns your schedule after a few days and switches to auto-away mode after only half an hour

    Another good feature is that the backlight of the Nest changes colors depending on the operating mode of the device. Blue means it’s cooling, red/orange means it’s in heating mode and black means it’s idle.

    As you can understand, this is a great thermostat if you want an intelligent piece of device at your home that understands your routine and responds accordingly.

  • [Article 13]The Perfect Induction Equipment For Your Modern Kitchen

    Double induction cooktops are a treat to use inside kitchens as they cook very fast and are quite safe at the same time, but it’s hard to find solid information on the subject.

    Fortunately, Rosa made an honest and personal induction reviews website and among all the models in the market, she reviewed the double True models which are very popular due to the innovative technology and energy efficiency they provide.

    It Is Safe And Efficient:

    The best thing about the True models is that only the burner area gets heated up and no other part of the oven. So you can use them without the fear of getting burnt hands. When it comes to the wattage, most other ovens spread the heat evenly between the burners but with the True cooktops you get to control the spread of wattage between burners. This enables you to cook two completely different types of dishes at the same time. This helps in saving energy as well.

    It Is Easy To Clean:

    The material of the oven is easy to clean with standard cleaning material and equipment. Since there are no creases and crevices like regular ovens, it is easy to clean and keep it bacteria free. As mentioned earlier, since most part of the cooktop does not get heated up, there are less chances of injuries while cleaning.

    true-cooktopEasy To Use:

    The cooktop has LED readouts and digital controls conveniently placed beneath the burner area. There is a range of 150 to 450 watt that this cooktop supports. This makes the oven useful for every different type of cooking.

    One great thing about the True cooktops is the sensors. When you put the pan away from the burners, they shut down automatically. If the milk or water you are boiling starts to boil over, the overflow sensors can detect and shut down the burners automatically.

    The True S2F2 model is favoured by many people as it is a portable model, easily used outdoors or inside an RV. So if you want to cut down on your cooking time and want to cook perfect tasty dishes safely, trust True and put it on your cooking apron.

    However, if you still want to know more, you can check Rosa’s S2F2 review here.

  • [Article 9]A Perfect Budget Solution For Garbage Disposal

    Waste-King-L-1001There are many garbage disposal units available in the market but next to InSinkErator it’s the Waste King brand has made a name for its own by providing consumers with high quality high performance garbage disposers that fit your pocket. The Waste King L-1001 is a 0.5 HP garbage disposer aimed at households that generate moderate amounts of waste in the kitchen.

    It Is Durable:

    Although first looks might suggest otherwise, the L-1001 is designed from anti-corrosion material which makes it very durable. In fact corrosion is the biggest problem most garbage disposers have to face. The unit also comes with a 2 year in-home warranty which means if there is something wrong with the disposer, a technician from the company will visit your place and fix it then and there.

    It Is A Space Saver:

    Sometimes garbage disposal units take too much space beneath the sink. This won’t be a problem with the L-1001. It measures just 13.4” X 6.4” so even if you do not have much space under the sink, you can fit it there easily and grind the waste away.

    It Is Very Quiet:

    The constant loud “Whirrrr” of larger garbage disposal units can be very annoying. This particular model is very quiet so at times you won’t even notice that it is running. All the moving parts of the device are insulated by the manufacturer so it creates very little vibration as well.

    It Is Very Effective:

    Even after all these features if the disposer does not perform as it should, there is not point buying it. Staying true to the reputation of Waste King, the L-1001 is also a robust performer. Be warned that it is not supposed to handle hard waste like rice grains and bones. If you process soft and semi liquid waste in a moderate amount, you will not need to look elsewhere.

    With all that said, the L-1001 is probably not one of the best food waste disposal units, but all the features and performance comes at a very attractive price. So if you are looking to take care of kitchen waste without burning a hole in your pocket, you can definitely go for this particular Waste King model.

  • [Article 4]The 3 Factors You Must Look Into When Buying Steam Cleaners

    Steam cleaners cannot only remove dirt but they can eliminate any cleaning nightmare that may come your way. Compared with a mop, they are surely more fashionable and can transform difficult tasks into a simple cleaning routine.

    They are not really meant to purely clean carpets and upholstery though. Rather, they can also function in multiple ways (in fact, if you are looking for top rated carpet steam cleaner I suggest you just follow the link).
    However, just like any other cleaning products, steam cleaners are not created equal. Hence, you must know the things you must look for in a unit.


    Steam cleaners are versatile. To make them more useful, you must choose a unit that you can easily move from one room to another, it must not limit your ability to clean your entire room within minutes.


    Some units are hand-held. Portable units allow you to reach difficult places as they are small enough to fit into small areas.

    However, they can become heavy when you put water into it. But they are great units in cleaning a toilet or kitchen sink.


    A steam cleaner’s capacity will depend on the size of its water tank. The larger its size, the more water it can carry. It means that you do not have to fill it as often as you would with cleaners that have lower capacity. This type of unit is ideal for larger homes.

    If you are planning to use a handheld cleaner, however, you must avoid getting a unit with a larger tank. Keep in mind that when you fill its tank with water, it will be heavy for you to carry it.

    There are other things that you must look into when purchasing steam cleaners, but these factors can help you get started.