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  • [Article 49]The Latest Trend in Fitness Rises in the Far East

    In many ways, and for better or for worse, Manila is a cultural outpost of one of its former colonial rulers, the United States. That being said, whatever catches on in the cities of New York or Los Angeles, will probably catch on just the same in Manila.

    The same is true for fitness trends: first it was tae bo, then it was MMA, then it was Pilates, then it was yoga, then it was CrossFit, and then it was indoor cycling.

    That can be said for the newest trend that’s started to pop up in corners of Manila’s posh urban districts such as Fort Bonifacio and Makati City – the trend of indoor cycling, or spinning.

    What’s the Spin?

    Spinning is simply an organized class that focuses on high intensity and compound exercises using an ideal bicycle for mixed purposes with a weighted flywheel, often to high-energy electronic dance music at 160 BPM, with rest periods incorporated throughout the class. Its high-intensity form of integrated training takes its cue from similar exercises such as CrossFit and Tabata, where an instructor guides his or her students through varying workouts that never repeat themselves. So the next time you come to Manila and you want to feel the burn with a bunch of great people, take a look a these studios.

    Spinning in Electric Dreams: Electric Studio

    manilas-indoor-cycling-sceneElectric Studio, located in the posh Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, prides itself on being the first indoor cycling boutique in the Philippines that offers a complete workout. Their vibrant, inspiring instructors are wildly popular in the spinning scene, and their training methods are kept only for members to know. In fact, they wouldn’t even allow you to take photo’s while you’re inside the studio. Be prepared: their class is different from regular spinning in that their workouts incorporate resistance training and body weight exercises. They also have state-of-the-art facilities and the best of equipment. This studio has it all for you: classes can be scheduled and bought on their website, and their fees include everything you will need as a new spinner, such as cycling shoes, and sundries like towels and drinks. But for the real gym rat, you’ll come for the burn and the camaraderie.

    Electric Studio
    2nd Floor, 8 Forbes Town Road
    Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
    +63 915 212 4929

    Say You Want a Revolution: Ride Revolution

    Ride Revolution is fast staking its claim as one of the hottest new indoor cycling studios in Makati City. They pride themselves on making sure you get the most of your workout, which means turning up the resistance on your stationary bike to at least 2. They take their indoor cycling routine seriously – they really never ride at zero resistance. Apart from the usual freebies such as the use of cycling shoes, they offer you a summary of your performance at every workout, with data on the calories, distance, and RPM you managed to get out of your legs; really convenient for those who want to hit their targets. So you must ask yourself the question weather you should invest in your own recumbent bike or you rather spend your money on a membership at ride revolution. This is a cycling experience that’s going to bring out the best in you – go big or go home.

    Ride Revolution
    3rd Floor, Steps Dance Studio
    8465 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City
    +63 977 807 7545

  • [Article 39]When to Invest In a Recumbent Bike

    Purchasing a recumbent bike is a great investment for your health. You’ll have a fitness equipment that lets you exercise regularly when winter comes in (brrr – get that thermostat now!) and if you don’t have a real bike, you’ll still have a chance to go biking.

    This equipment is also a valuable tool for individuals with joint problems or for people who wish to continue their cardio exercises within off-season. And even if you’re planning to go outdoors, you can still use this equipment to warm up your legs before you head out and carry out strenuous physical activities.

    Investing in a recumbent bike

    As previously mentioned, purchasing one is a wonderful investment considering its many health benefits. However, you need to be careful in choosing a unit as the market is filled with many different models and types.

    Each unit on the market has its own features that can help you enhance your speed and resistance levels, but the very best recumbent bike is an indoor bike that includes a heart rate monitor and lets you track the number of calories you have burned while using it. This is especially great if you’re planning to lose weight.

    When shopping for it, you need to look for a model that has a variety of adjustment settings. In this way, you’ll have the most indoor biking experience. This means that you can easily adjust its seat and handlebars for a comfortable ride. Make sure that it has great leg length and preferences in grip.

    Overall, it must be comfortable enough so you can sit on it for longer hours.