[Article 9]A Perfect Budget Solution For Garbage Disposal

Waste-King-L-1001There are many garbage disposal units available in the market but next to InSinkErator it’s the Waste King brand has made a name for its own by providing consumers with high quality high performance garbage disposers that fit your pocket. The Waste King L-1001 is a 0.5 HP garbage disposer aimed at households that generate moderate amounts of waste in the kitchen.

It Is Durable:

Although first looks might suggest otherwise, the L-1001 is designed from anti-corrosion material which makes it very durable. In fact corrosion is the biggest problem most garbage disposers have to face. The unit also comes with a 2 year in-home warranty which means if there is something wrong with the disposer, a technician from the company will visit your place and fix it then and there.

It Is A Space Saver:

Sometimes garbage disposal units take too much space beneath the sink. This won’t be a problem with the L-1001. It measures just 13.4” X 6.4” so even if you do not have much space under the sink, you can fit it there easily and grind the waste away.

It Is Very Quiet:

The constant loud “Whirrrr” of larger garbage disposal units can be very annoying. This particular model is very quiet so at times you won’t even notice that it is running. All the moving parts of the device are insulated by the manufacturer so it creates very little vibration as well.

It Is Very Effective:

Even after all these features if the disposer does not perform as it should, there is not point buying it. Staying true to the reputation of Waste King, the L-1001 is also a robust performer. Be warned that it is not supposed to handle hard waste like rice grains and bones. If you process soft and semi liquid waste in a moderate amount, you will not need to look elsewhere.

With all that said, the L-1001 is probably not one of the best food waste disposal units, but all the features and performance comes at a very attractive price. So if you are looking to take care of kitchen waste without burning a hole in your pocket, you can definitely go for this particular Waste King model.

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